Here are some of the things people have written to us after we’ve called dances for them. On request, we’ll be happy to provide you with contact information for some of our recent clients.

“I truly appreciated your flexibility, your willingness to roll with the punches and respond to the needs of the moment. I have had many compliments on the dancing and the music…you set the tone for the evening and ended it on a high.” – Revels, Inc.

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and commented on what an excellent caller you are.” – Trinity Church

“Our Western Night was a tremendous success. I have received telephone calls and notes from so many people, with nothing but praise about you and your group. You did a masterful job of mixing our group and keeping us entertained. Already we are getting requests to have a repeat performance.” – The Windsor Club

[After a multi-band event:] “I have received more compliments about the square dancing than any other aspect of the dance. I never thought it would be possible to get college students to square dance, but you did it!” – Boston College

“Your energy and enthusiasm really made the evening a success, and your teaching was clear and easy to follow. Congratulations on a terrific job!” – Boston Food Bank

“You did a wonderful job of reading the crowd and making them feel they could dance.” – Sherburne, NY Bicentennial

“From the serenaded procession, to the long line of hands, to the calling, which brought family and friends, young and old, lovers and strangers together, we’ve had people tell us it was the best wedding they ever attended.” – A happily married couple

“I haven’t seen that many people up on a wedding dance floor in a long time.” – Another happily married couple

“What fun we had! If you can teach dances to klutzes like us, you can teach ostriches to do deep knee bends! Great job!” – American Camp Association

“You did an excellent job of taking a group of fairly reluctant teenagers and adults and teaching them how to dance quickly and easily. Many people remarked about how much fun it was to learn something new and how refreshing it was to do something different. Your expertise and style truly allowed folks to experience square dancing as an easy and fun recreational activity.” – Governor’s Alliance Against Drugs

“Everyone loved the dance you called for us. One old faculty hand told me the next morning, ‘I knew I’d have a good time, but I didn’t know it would be a great time.’ Most people attributed the evening’s special flavor to your particular calling style – enthusiastic, knowledgeable, flexible, encouraging, charming, and graceful.” – Middlesex School

“Thanks so much for making our special event such a great success! Your adept handling of the crowd received rave reviews from all. You are a superb caller, calmly going over the steps first, so folks don’t get too turned around. A few ladies there were amazed at how their ‘shy menfolk’ stepped up to the plate… and had a blast doing so! It must be really rewarding to see people enjoy a tradition from long ago. Praise God there are those, like yourself, willing to devote your life’s work to it. I will highly recommend your service to others.” – From an anniversary party