Old-Time Barn Dance

Barn dance outdoorsThis is our most popular program. A caller, accompanied by live or recorded music, will get people together and show them everything they need to know – a little at a time – to enjoy a variety of dances in circles, squares, and lines. We’ll share our favorite dances from the past 300 years, from many regions of our country – and a few from other countries too.

Colonial Ball

If your event has a Colonial or Revolutionary theme, we can supply a dancing master and fiddler to lead the group in dances of the period. If the room is small enough, we can work without a sound system for added intimacy and authenticity.

Pioneer Games and Dances

Ball of yarnThis program is particularly good for children and families. We’ll take you back to a time before TV, cell phones, computer games, and iPods – a time when folks had to create their own entertainment. We’ll share a few games that young people played with nothing but their own singing for music – then we’ll add a fiddler and do some easy dances of pioneer days.

Victorian Ball

Victorian BallFor a Civil War or 1890s party, nothing can surpass the feeling of dressing up and dancing elegantly. This was the era when squares, along with waltzes and polkas, were danced by fashionable society. We can supply a trio or a small orchestra, along with a dance instructor/prompter who will get people moving with confidence in minutes.

All programs include:

  • Live or recorded music
  • Professional quality sound system (when needed)
  • Complete instruction tailored to the ability of the group

All you need to supply is the people and the place – and if you don’t have a place, we may be able to help with that.