What We Do

banjo fiddle guitar bandSquare dancing, contra dancing, barn dancing, American folk dancing – call it what you will, it’s for everybody. It’s a way “just plain folks” have had fun for hundreds of years. Basically, it’s a group of people moving together to lively, inspiring music, aided by directions from a caller. It doesn’t have to be difficult – the dances that have stood the test of time are simple and satisfying. Our job is not to baffle you, but to prove how easy it is to dance, and how much fun it can be.

All you have to do is take that first step onto the dance floor. Within seconds, we’ll have you moving – first in time with our voice, then with the music. In less than a minute, you’ll feel like you’re really dancing – because you are!

Using a handful of terms (like Circle, Star, Do-si-do, and Promenade) and a few key figures (like Bird in the Cage and Duck for the Oyster), we’ll take you from a standing start to the heights of square dance success. And of course, no barn dance would be complete without the Virginia Reel.

We always match our material to the size of the group and the age and ability of the dancers, and we’re constantly watching for any sign of confusion or discomfort. Our clients often tell us afterward that they were surprised at how many people got up to dance, and how easy and enjoyable it was (see Testimonials).